Upcoming International Experiences

Tokyo Game Market Tour
& Japan Extension

11 Night / 12 Days

Join Eric Price, the owner of Japanime Games for this unique tour through Tokyo & Japan during the Tokyo Game Market in 2022!

Maximum Travelers: 30

October 26 – November 8, 2022

Eire of Legend / Feywild Experience

8 Night / 9 Days

Keep your true name to yourself, and watch your dealings as verdant Ireland stands in for this mystical Dungeons & Dragons setting. This gaming experience will touch a wide variety of traditional Irish and Fae-inspired locations for your gaming sessions, including castles, dungeons, historic pubs, and more.

Maximum Travelers: 30

Dates Pending

Barovian Night Terrors

8 Night / 9 Days

Grab your Van Richten’s Guide and step through the mists into Barovia as you experience gaming on-location as Strahd himself would. With visits to a winery, a historic Saxon village, the home of Vlad the Impaler, and even Dracula’s (or is it Strahd’s) castle, this tour will be just like visiting Barovia. It will be a lot easier to go home, however.

Maximum Travelers: 30

COVID DELAYED – Replacement Dates Pending


We have a variety of exciting experiences planned for late 2022 and 2023, including these destinations. For more information, and to get early notifications about these and other upcoming adventures (with no committments, of course), add your name to our pre-registration list to be notified when travel dates for these and other experiences are released.




Yucatan and Central America / Chult Experience

The dark jungles of Chult beckon the adventurers seeking their destinies. Meso-american locations around Belize stand in for the ruins and abandoned temples of the Chultan wilds. This trip is planned for late 2022 or early 2023.

Scotland and England / Sword Coast Experience

Update your spellbooks, and sharpen your blades as we tour the Sword Coast. Stops in historic Scotland locations stand in for some of the popular Faerun landmarks. This experience is planned for early 2023.

Scandinavia / Ten Towns Experience

Bundle up tight as you visit some of the most breathtaking locations across Scandinavia. Auril’s sway asserts itself across Ten-Towns, and you find yourself surrounded by the advancing frost. This experience is planned for Spring 2023.

New Zealand / Middle Earth Experience

Get ready for second breakfasts as you visit the land of the Elves and Hobbits for gaming and tours inspired by the Lord of the Rings. This experience is planned in late 2023.

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