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Helpful Tips For Gaming In Marengo Caves
  • Wi-fi is not available in the cave.  To maintain battery life please place your phone on airplane mode or bring an external battery charger.  
  • Covid-19 requirements follow CDC guidelines.  Please check the CDC’s website as guidelines change. 
  • Marengo Cave is on Eastern Standard Time
  • Dressing in layers is the most comfortable way to game inside a cave.  The caves maintain a 52 degree temperature year round.  Please bring a light to medium jacket, hat, light gloves, comfortable walking shoes and some warm socks.  You can always shed layers or put them back on as you play.  We will also have hand warmers at each table for those who might need an extra boost of warmth to crush the enemy!
  • Lunch gratuity is included with the meal.  
  • No alcohol is allowed in the cave at any time.  Water and soft drinks will be on site and are complementary. 
  • Bathroom facilities are a short walk from the gaming tables.  The floors of the cave can be wet so watch your step and wear closed toe shoes with good traction. 
  • More info can be found here:

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