Rescue from the Depths

Marengo Caves, Indiana

Marengo, IN

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Your party of adventuring heroes answer the call from the family of Lord Addington, the King’s loyal retainer. Your task is to enter the newly discovered caverns of Marengo to find and rescue the Lord’s missing children. You will likely encounter mysterious creatures underground; finding allies or enemies around every twist, turn, and stalagmite. What secrets do the caverns hold? Will you find the Lord’s heirs in time? 


8:45am – 9:15am
Arrival and private tour of the Marengo Cave. 

9:15am – 12:00pm
Morning gaming session deep in one of the amazing rooms inside Marengo.

12:00pm – 12:45pm
Break for lunch at nearby popular craft pizza stop.

12:45pm – 4:45pm
Afternoon gaming session and wrap up.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will my group get to play together?

If your group registers together, we will most likely be able to accomodate you. Table grouping requests are honored wherever possible, and in priorty of sign-up time. In *very* limited circumstances we may split a larger group or adjust table assignments to allow all players to play at a full table.

How many play at a table?

In almost all of our experiences, we build tables of 4 players minimum, or 6 maximum. When you are matched with other players, these conditions apply. If you wish to play at a table with more than 6, please reach out directly to us so we may try to accomodate your larger group, with availability.

How accessible are your venues?

Each venue has its own accessibility policies. Due to the nature of some of the places we are playing (caves, mines, ancient structures, and so on), there may be difficulties with some of our guests accessibility requirements. If you have specific questions about accessibility issues with a particular venue, please reach out directly, and we can assist you.

How do you select your Game Masters?

We are proud of the team that we have built. Each of our DMs is selected and vetted by our Gaming Master and a select group of our existing DM team. Each one has extensive exerience, and are guided and trained to maximize the enjoyment of our guests. Are you a DM who might be interested in joining our team? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page, and we can begin the conversation.

Sunday,January 9th
8:45am – 4:45pm

Marengo Cave, Indiana

Marengo Cave is located in Marengo, Indiana. One of only four show caves in Indiana, public tours of the cave have been given since 1883. Tours commenced just days after the cave’s discovery by two school children. The cave was designated as a National Natural Landmark in 1984.

Marengo cave is open all year long and offers two different walking tours. There is almost 5 miles of known passageway to date at Marengo Cave, making it one of the longest caves in Indiana.

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