Meet Our Travel Team

Donna Thor

Business Development

Born and raised in the coal country of Eastern Kentucky, Donna made her first move to Lexington in the late 90’s. After attending the University of Kentucky, and studying social work and health sciences, she met her husband Alex. Together, they have traveled to many places throughout the world. Donna shares a passion for travel, customer service, and truly enjoys helping others plan their vacations. Donna and Alex now have two wonderful children and enjoy new travel experiences with them.

Alex Thor

Director of Operations

As a Lexington, KY native, Alex learned to work hard early in life working in agriculture and hospitality. Before and after studying Geography at the University of Kentucky, he spent years living and traveling all over the world to places from Southeast Asia to the tip of South America. Alex has been fortunate enough to study abroad, work, travel, and live in some amazing places. His passion to share international destinations and diverse cultures with other travelers makes for an exciting career. Alex takes pride in showcasing all locations in the destinations we work, and hope our guests enjoy it just as much.

Jonathan Adams

Gaming Master

Jonathan has been immersed in role playing games since his early childhood. With experience in multiple systems, he quickly took over the Game Master role for most of his tables. Jonathan loves to travel, and has visited most of the continents, and over 40 international destinations. He is excited to combine two of his passions, directing players to some of the ultimate on-location gaming experiences.

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