Descent into the Catacombs

Gen Con 2022

Market Street Catacombs

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Descent into the Catacombs is the first adventure in the Market Street Series. First run at Gen Con 2021, these encore presentations are for those players who didn’t have a chance to experience the initial adventure.

A mysterious Priest leads your adventuring party to the presence of the High Dawnlord who has a dangerous task for you. Can you complete it in time, and save the temple above the Catacombs?

Register for this encore adventure through the Gen Con events system. 


4:00pm – 5:15pm
Social and Pre-gaming. Meet at Indianapolis City Market for drinks and pre-game introductions.

5:15pm – 11:30pm
6+ hours of gaming including drinks, food and tables in the mysterious catacombs!

Wrap up your unique gaming experience as you walk or take an Uber/taxi back to your hotel

Pre-registration Deadline








Thursday, Aug 4
Friday, Aug 5

Market Street Catacombs

The Catacombs are approximately 20,000 square feet of underground passageways on the northeast corner of Market and Delaware streets in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

The passages and walkways include brick archways and limestone columns that were part of Tomlinson Hall, a building that opened in 1886 and was destroyed by fire in 1958. The catacombs served as a more convenient way to transport and store goods from the above-ground marketplace and contains pits used to store ice.

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