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The Elemental Incursion
Mt. Joy, PA

6+ Hours

The arcane research team has breached an ancient portal, and something monstrous is trying to break through. Can your party uncover the secrets of the portal, and stop the powerful entity from entering our world? This VIP elemental one-shot will be played in the historic Bube’s Brewery in Mt. Joy, PA, with a themed lunch and our professional DMs.

Minimum Players: 15

COVID DELAYED – Replacement Dates Pending

The Brewmaster’s Tasks
Cincinnati, OH

16+ Hours

Deep under the city, a brewmaster needs your help. Join us as we play in the abandoned brewer’s tunnels under Old Cincinnati. A catered lunch from a local brewery and beverages are provided along with professional local DMs for this experience.

Minimum Players: 25

COVID DELAYED – Replacement Dates Pending

Eire of Legend / Feywild Experience

8 Night / 9 Days

Keep your true name to yourself, and watch your dealings as verdant Ireland stands in for this mystical Dungeons & Dragons setting. This gaming experience will touch a wide variety of traditional Irish and Fae-inspired locations for your gaming sessions, including castles, dungeons, historic pubs, and more.

Maximum Travelers: 30

Replacement Dates Pending

Barovian Night Terrors

8 Night / 9 Days

Grab your Van Richten’s Guide and step through the mists into Barovia as you experience gaming on-location as Strahd himself would. With visits to a winery, a historic Saxon village, the home of Vlad the Impaler, and even Dracula’s (or is it Strahd’s) castle, this tour will be just like visiting Barovia. It will be a lot easier to go home, however.

Maximum Travelers: 30

COVID DELAYED – Replacement Dates Pending

The Depths of the Volcano
Hawaii, USA

9 Days

Gear up and island-hop with your adventurers as you explore the beauty of a volcanic island landscape. From calderas and lavatubes to stunning ocean views, the iconic Hawaiian landscape provides an amazing backdrop for your party of heroes. Will you reach the depths? What fate awaits those who dare? Your team of professional DMs weave aspects of each venue into an interconnected series of adventures throughout this island paradise.

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